Teenagers ChristmasThe latest craze this gift giving season are custom designed Flip Mino camcorders. Made by Pure Digital Technologies, these pocket sized camcorders are extremely popular with teenagers, but if your’re planing on purchasing one of these for the teenager in your household, a must have added feature is a custom design. No respectable teen would be caught dead carrying one of the standard black or white models, no-way, it must sport a custom design reflecting the owners personality or interests.

Cafepress has teamed up with Pure Digital to offer customization of the Flip Mino. You can sign-up and create your own design or choose from thousands of unique designs created by Cafepress shop owners like these from the Poker and Chaos Store.

Check out the video above to see the Flip Mino in action. This cool little camcorder records up to 60 minutes of video that is easily uploaded to your computer via a flip up usb port that plugs directly into your computer. The included software makes it simple to upload your video to You Tube or email to a friend or family.