Party Shirt

27 Jan 2008 In: Humor Tees

Twisted Party t-shirt
We all have those times when we are planning on going out and getting wasted, well here is the perfect party shirt. You might as well forewarn those around you. This humourous t-shirt makes your intentions for the night well known, your going to be or are presently totally twisted.

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Wet T-Shirt Contest Gear

26 Jan 2008 In: Humor Tees

Wet T-Shirt Contest
Ok ladies, here is all you need to win that next wet t-shirt contest on ladies night at your local hang out. Well, maybe just part of what you need but if you can fill this t-shirt out your bound to take home that first place prize. The dripping text rides over a small note saying “just add water”, sure to be a hit.

Get your wet t-shirt here.

Great Guitar T-shirt Design

17 Jan 2008 In: Music

while my guitar gently weeps
This unique t-shirt design shows the icon of all guitars, Leo Fenders famous Stratocaster weeping into a pool of candy apple red lacquer paint. The Strat’s body is wrapped with text lyrics from the Beatles song, while my guitar gently weeps. This depiction of George Harrison’s famous lyrics makes a great t-shirt design for anyone who loves the Beatles or just has a love of the guitar.

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Homemade DTG Printer Update

12 Jan 2008 In: DTG Printing

A few weeks ago I reported on a young man who has taken a Epson C88 ink jet printer and converted it to print directly to a t-shirt. You can watch the latest video of his contraption in operation here.

Since then, he has been hard at work developing a set of photographs and instructions documenting the steps necessary to create this inexpensive direct to garment printer. He has also created, a website and forum where you can download plans and ask any questions you might have about the project.

If your mechanically inclined and are searching for a way to make your own ink jet t-shirt printer, this site will give you a wealth of information to get you started.

Tip for Last Minute Online Shoppers

20 Dec 2007 In: Misc

Send a CafePress gift certificate via emal. It’s personal, fast, easy and fun.
Check it out

Blow Me Bubble Gum Machine Co.

24 Nov 2007 In: Humor Tees

Blow Me Bubble Gum Machine T-shirt
Here is a new release from the Poker and Chaos t-shirt shop. This hilarious t-shirt design is based on a fictitious bubble gum machine logo. Viewers only see the offensive “Blow Me” before they piece the puzzle together to discover it’s an advertisement for this gum company.

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