Travelers Translator T-Shirt

7 Aug 2008 In: Marketing, Unique tees

travelers visual foreign language  translator
Here is a really cool t-shirt that any traveler to a foreign country will be glad to have. The visual translator allows you to point to one of nine icons, airport, phone, hospital, post office, dining, lodging, restroom as well as a set of numbers. What a clever way to ask for directions and information without having to fumble through a book type language translator. Sure to save you a ton of frustration and time on your next trip to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language.
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Great Fishing Shirt

12 Jun 2008 In: Humor Tees

Master Baiter T-shirtHere is a fishing design that is sure to get a chuckle from anyone who sees it. Are you the ultimate fisherman? Do you know exactly how to bait that hook so that the worm is just so irresistible that a trophy large mouth bass has no choice but to attack. If so, you’re a member of an elite class of fisherman known as master baiter’s.

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Biohazard T-Shirt With a Twist

10 Mar 2008 In: Humor Tees

There are many t-shirts on the web that sport the biohazard sign but this one is different. The normal biohazard sign is one that warns of an infectious disease, this one warns the viewer of being in the presence of an infectious personality. If your the out going type, this t-shirt is right for you.

Pong T-Shirt

3 Mar 2008 In: Unique tees

animated pong t-shirt
Here is a t-shirt that bring back old times for me. Yeah, I’m an old fart. This unique design incorporates electronics to create what Think Geek bills as ” Animated Retro Table Tennis”. The shirt is washable, just remove decal and battery pack. The animation is clearly visible in daylight but really gets the attention at night.

Calling All T-Shirt Artists

27 Feb 2008 In: Marketing

Firefox t-shirt design contestI’m amazed at the opportunities that are available to artists these days. With the information age and the internet, artists are now able to get worldwide recognition very easily. Here is an example. Mozilla is holding a t-shirt design contest as part of the launch of Firefox 3 which is a very popular web browser. The winning design will be featured in their store as the official Firefox 3 t-shirt. The winner will also receive a free shirt and a $250 dollar gift certificate.

Now this is a great opportunity for a young artist to get exposure on a massive scale. The deadline for entries is March 16th 2008 so get to work. You can find all the information you need on how to submit your design here.

Motherboard (MoBo) Art

8 Feb 2008 In: Artistic Tees

Motherboard heart
Here is a cool new t-shirt design that features a type of graphic illustration known as motherboard art.

The above t-shirt design gives the viewer the impression that the person wearing it has torn the shirt exposing a computer’s motherboard. If you look closely, the mobo features a CPU manufactured by the fictitious SSI INTEC Corp. With it’s computer circuitry showing through, the shirt makes it appear as if the wearer is some type non-human cyborg or robot.

Another example of this genre is the work of graphic artist Derek Prospero. Check it out

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