Twilight the Movie Fan Apparel

31 Oct 2008 In: Current Event Tees

This movie is sure to be a hit with the teenage crowd and in celebration Cafepress has teamed up with the producers to allow shopkeepers to create unique fan apparel for this movie. Here are just a few of the designs available.

Twilight the Movie Fan Apparel

North Carolina Lighthouses T-shirts

28 Oct 2008 In: Artistic Tees

Lighthouses of North Carolina T-shirtThe coast of North Carolina hosts some of the most treacherous waters of the Atlantic Ocean and has been aptly named the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Many lighthouses have been erected In order to offer protection and navigational aid to mariners traveling the outer banks of North Carolina. These lighthouses have distinct daytime markings to distinguish them from each other. Some of these structures have been in place for more than 100 years and have become great historical landmarks.

Artists at the Poker and Chaos t-shirt shop have created some really creative digital images of these famous lighthouse. You can find a collage of all seven lighthouses in this series or can purchase each lighthouse separately. Check out the links below to see each design.

Cape Hatteras
Currituck Beach
Oak Island
Cape Lookout
Bodie Island
Bald Head Island
Collage of all

All the lighthouse designs have been imprinted on short and long sleeve t-shirts, sweats and many other ladies apparel styles. These designs are sure to bring back great memories for anyone who has spent a vacation at the outer banks of North Carolina.

Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

23 Oct 2008 In: Misc, Video

Teenagers ChristmasThe latest craze this gift giving season are custom designed Flip Mino camcorders. Made by Pure Digital Technologies, these pocket sized camcorders are extremely popular with teenagers, but if your’re planing on purchasing one of these for the teenager in your household, a must have added feature is a custom design. No respectable teen would be caught dead carrying one of the standard black or white models, no-way, it must sport a custom design reflecting the owners personality or interests.

Cafepress has teamed up with Pure Digital to offer customization of the Flip Mino. You can sign-up and create your own design or choose from thousands of unique designs created by Cafepress shop owners like these from the Poker and Chaos Store.

Check out the video above to see the Flip Mino in action. This cool little camcorder records up to 60 minutes of video that is easily uploaded to your computer via a flip up usb port that plugs directly into your computer. The included software makes it simple to upload your video to You Tube or email to a friend or family.

Make A Sexy Dress From A T-Shirt

1 Sep 2008 In: Video

Today we released the third and final part in our series on screen printing. This article covers printer set-up, alignment of screens and art work as well as the actual printing process. This three part series covers the basics of creating t-shirts using the screen printing process and is an essential read for those wanting to make their own shirts. You will find links to all three parts below. We will continue to offer up additional information and tips on printing, so keep checking back.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

POD, Tennis Shoes and Skateboards

28 Aug 2008 In: Misc

Most print on demand services imprint apparel, coffee mugs, clocks as well as flat stock such as posters and stickers but Zazzle has recently entered the market with two new very unique items, womens tennis shoes and skateboards. Using Zazzles online interface you can upload your designs or incorporate stock designs from Zazzle to create your custom pair of Keds tennis shoes or a radical new skateboard deck design.

Zazzle custom Keds and skateboard decks

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