I Slept with Tiger

11 Dec 2009 In: Designer Tees, Humor Tees

It appears that Tiger Woods has slept with half the women in the world. Are you are one of the many that has had an affair with the world famous golfer? Are you having a hard time getting an interview with Good Morning America or Larry King? You don’t have to feel left out. You can at least let those around you know of your tryst with a pin back button from our Etsy shop, or even better, you can spread the word with a fashionable shirt from our t-shirt shop. Many different apparel types for you to choose from.

Calling All Artisans

10 Oct 2009 In: Marketing

If you are an artist or craftsman looking for outlets to sell your wares, be sure to check out Zibbet Live and Handmade. You can get a  FREE basic shop with no listing fees or upgrade and and receive all the added features that go along with managing a premium shop.

All your customers transactions are processed through Paypal, one of the safest ways to pay online and they can using any of their major credit cards.

Zibbet provides you with a global market place connecting buyers to your products whether they be handmade goods, FIne Art, vintage items or crafting supplies.  If you have tried ebay and got sick of the fees and auction style of selling, I think you will be really pleased with zibbet.

Add flair to your Fashion

27 Aug 2009 In: Misc

Pin back buttons are back in style and a great way to add flair to your apparel. You can attach them to your shirt, lapel, purse, backpack, tote bag, guitar strap, suspenders, whatever!

With the print on demand services available to artists these days, there are a ton of creative buttons for you to select from. You can not only add style with these little jewels of portable graffiti, but you can convey any message you want. Are you concerned about the need for everyone to recycle, just add a recycle button to your collar. You can even get mini buttons that function as ear rings, hair ties or zipper pulls.

One button artist I’m particularity fond of sells his wears via the website roundwords.com Below are some examples of buttons that are available directly from his studios.

Launch T-Shirts into a Crowd

14 Jul 2009 In: Marketing

Need an inexpensive way to launch promotional t-shirts into a crowd. Checkout this post at thebigmanual.com. It features complete plans and instructions for building a pneumatic cannon that will launch a rolled up t-shirt 100 or more feet into the air. The plans are free and the parts and materials needed to build this jewel can be found at your local home center for under a hundred dollars. If you’ve been wanting one of these cannons and couldn’t afford it, this might be the answer to your problem.

Dixie Grilling Barbeque Apparel

11 Jul 2009 In: Cooking and Garden

Time to fire up the barbeque grill for some outdoor cooking fun and with summer time in full swing, every well dressed grill chef needs a BBQ apron for the next family outting. Check out these colorful designs we found at dixiegrilling.com. I love the no propane design for us hardcore charcoal grillers who would never consider fueling our grills with anything other than pure lump charcoal.

Besides t-shirts and aprons, Dixie grilling has some great information on outdoor cooking, from choosing a grill, starting a fire and cooking methods to food safety and what type gadgets are worth buying. There are also charts and guides for cooking temperatures and times, meat cuts, do and don’ts as well as famous southern recipes. This site has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors.

Getting Your Ears Pierced Over Coffee

26 Mar 2009 In: Misc

Over 20 years ago I started the above artwork as a pencil sketch for a planned serigraph. Not sure of the motivation for the motif but I think tattoos and piercing were big at the time. I since discovered the sketch in a portfolio case of unfinished work.

Many examples of my art were destroyed in a fire a year ago so this piece has been resurrected as a clothing design to celebrate the one year anniversary of my survival of this event. One of the outstanding memories of the fire that night is of how warm the fire felt as I jumped from my balcony into a chilly night air. It was a peaceful feeling knowing I was  going to be alive until the terror set in when I realized I was about to lose everything I owned.

You can get your own “Ears Pierced Over Coffee and Ping Pong Balls” by clicking here

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