Homemade Exposure Unit Sketch

Homemade exposure unit sketch
Here is a inexpensive homemade exposure unit for t-shirt screen printers. The cabinet can be constructed from plywood or NovaPly, which is a high density particle board. The top is covered by a piece of 1/4″ glass sized to match the outside dimensions of the screens you will be using.

In the bottom of the box you mount an aluminum reflector with a standard size electrical socket. This can be found at any of the big home supply stores. You will need a 500W, No. 2 photoflood bulb for your light source. These can be found at your local camera shop. This type of bulb is very fragile and should never be touched with your bare hands as oil from your fingertips can heat up and cause the bulb to break. Handle them with a cotton cloth or t-shirt. They have a burn life of about 6 hours.

The height of the box should be such as to create a distance of 24″ to 30″ from the face of the bulb to the glass top. You can add a inline toggle switch to the line cord to make it easy to turn on and off, or even better, you could incorporate a timer to set exposure times.

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