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Travelers Translator T-Shirt

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Here is a really cool t-shirt that any traveler to a foreign country will be glad to have. The visual translator allows you to point to one of nine icons, airport, phone, hospital, post office, dining, lodging, restroom as well as a set of numbers. What a clever way to ask for directions and information […]

Pong T-Shirt

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Here is a t-shirt that bring back old times for me. Yeah, I’m an old fart. This unique design incorporates electronics to create what Think Geek bills as ” Animated Retro Table Tennis”. The shirt is washable, just remove decal and battery pack. The animation is clearly visible in daylight but really gets the attention […]

Thought in Progress

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This shop features designs of the mind. Creative graphics centered around the human psychology, with names like: Get out of my Mind Honest Liar Me Myself and I Inside my head I’m sure you will agree these designs are created by a thinking man. T-shirts with the mind in mind.


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This graphic represents an aviation instrument know as a attitude indicator. It gives pilots their aircrafts relationship to the ground. With the configuration show to the left, you are flying straight and level. Get your “Attitude” shirt here.

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