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Today we released the third and final part in our series on screen printing. This article covers printer set-up, alignment of screens and art work as well as the actual printing process. This three part series covers the basics of creating t-shirts using the screen printing process and is an essential read for those wanting […]

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In the first part of our series on screen printing, we covered the necessary artwork. Then in part two we covered the pre-press operations of making a screen. Part three, yet to be released, will cover the actual printing process. With this in mind, I felt it wise to go ahead and publish plans for […]

A major part of this site will revolve around my experience in the screen printing industry. I started my first shop over twenty years ago. With only a shoestring budget and home made equipment, I built it into a state of the art facility producing high end products. Through this site, I hope to pass […]

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Screen Printing Part One (Artwork)

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In an effort not to confuse Google, this post had been moved. Sorry for the inconvenience ! Screen Printing Part One (New Location)

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