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Cafepress Features Our Motherboard Tee

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Thanks to Allison Gregley, Marketing Coordinator at Cafepress our Motherboard tee has been featured on the CP Blog and Facebook page.

Testing The Cafepress Product Widget

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Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

Calling All Artisans

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If you are an artist or craftsman looking for outlets to sell your wares, be sure to check out Zibbet Live and Handmade. You can get a  FREE basic shop with no listing fees or upgrade and and receive all the added features that go along with managing a premium shop. All your customers transactions […]

Launch T-Shirts into a Crowd

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Need an inexpensive way to launch promotional t-shirts into a crowd. Checkout this post at It features complete plans and instructions for building a pneumatic cannon that will launch a rolled up t-shirt 100 or more feet into the air. The plans are free and the parts and materials needed to build this jewel […]

Travelers Translator T-Shirt

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Here is a really cool t-shirt that any traveler to a foreign country will be glad to have. The visual translator allows you to point to one of nine icons, airport, phone, hospital, post office, dining, lodging, restroom as well as a set of numbers. What a clever way to ask for directions and information […]

Calling All T-Shirt Artists

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I’m amazed at the opportunities that are available to artists these days. With the information age and the internet, artists are now able to get worldwide recognition very easily. Here is an example. Mozilla is holding a t-shirt design contest as part of the launch of Firefox 3 which is a very popular web browser. […]

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