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Blow Me Bubble Gum Machine Co.

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Here is a new release from the Poker and Chaos t-shirt shop. This hilarious t-shirt design is based on a fictitious bubble gum machine logo. Viewers only see the offensive “Blow Me” before they piece the puzzle together to discover it’s an advertisement for this gum company.

Ask your Doctor If…

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It seems like the drug companies are actually creating diseases just so they can offer a drug for it’s cure. Who ever heard of restless leg syndrome? This parody of what seems to be the last sentence of every drug ad these days ‘ask your doctor if _______ is right for you’. In this case […]

This parody pokes fun of NASCAR. The logos for these two association are similar as well as the end result of their activities, getting to the checkered flag. Membership in the sperm cell racing association is gained by the purchase of one of the apparel items from this shop. Great gift idea for any father […]

Braille T-Shirts

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Here is a cute design for the ladies. It features braille symbols that spell out “It’s not nice to stare at my tits“ Get yours Here!

Internet Acronyms

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This parody of internet acronyms makes fun of all the short hand used in text messaging and on the web. Oh My God, What the Fuck, Barbeque. It cracked me up, but then i’m easily amused. Get your OMGWTFBBQ tee here.

FUKITOL EX, The Pill For You!

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We’ve all had those days where everything goes wrong, your boss is on your butt, your spouse and children are driving you nuts, the bank wants to foreclose on your house, you have to hide your car so the repo man won’t find it. Well here is the solution to your problems! FUKITOL EX. Originally […]

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