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Used around the world duct tape is the fix all for just about anything. Tough as nails, flexible and water proof, this glossy gray adhesive backed creature on a roll is the DIY’s ultimate power tool. Is you husband or boyfriend constantly finding new uses for this marvel tool?  If so,  this design is for […]

I Slept with Tiger

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It appears that Tiger Woods has slept with half the women in the world. Are you are one of the many that has had an affair with the world famous golfer? Are you having a hard time getting an interview with Good Morning America or Larry King? You don’t have to feel left out. You […]

Great Fishing Shirt

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Here is a fishing design that is sure to get a chuckle from anyone who sees it. Are you the ultimate fisherman? Do you know exactly how to bait that hook so that the worm is just so irresistible that a trophy large mouth bass has no choice but to attack. If so, you’re a […]

Biohazard T-Shirt With a Twist

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There are many t-shirts on the web that sport the biohazard sign but this one is different. The normal biohazard sign is one that warns of an infectious disease, this one warns the viewer of being in the presence of an infectious personality. If your the out going type, this t-shirt is right for you.

Party Shirt

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We all have those times when we are planning on going out and getting wasted, well here is the perfect party shirt. You might as well forewarn those around you. This humourous t-shirt makes your intentions for the night well known, your going to be or are presently totally twisted. Get your Twisted T-Shirt Here

Wet T-Shirt Contest Gear

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Ok ladies, here is all you need to win that next wet t-shirt contest on ladies night at your local hang out. Well, maybe just part of what you need but if you can fill this t-shirt out your bound to take home that first place prize. The dripping text rides over a small note […]

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