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I Slept with Tiger

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It appears that Tiger Woods has slept with half the women in the world. Are you are one of the many that has had an affair with the world famous golfer? Are you having a hard time getting an interview with Good Morning America or Larry King? You don’t have to feel left out. You […]

Unique Marketing Idea

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With an abundance of online t-shirt shops and competition for business, it’s a must that a successful shop offer unique designs and packaging for your products. Pizza Box Clothing has done just that. A artist and local pizza parlor owner teamed up to start this t-shirt shop and the products are shipped in ??? Of […]

Renny Bevins Designs

In: Designer Tees

Abstract designs in bright bold colors adorn the pages of this Cafe Press store. Renny Bevins the shop keeper and artist has some very interesting and unique designs with cute names, such as “Kacie’s Flower” that you see here. Designs are available on many woman’s apparel types as well as accessories like coffee mugs. check […]

T-Shirt Dujour

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The love Bug, just one of the many unique designs from a talented artist at the T-Shirt Dujour shop. Catagories at this shop include Animal, Abstract, Expressions, Fashion, Fun, Holiday, Kanji and more. I’m sure you’ll find that perfect gift idea by browsing the pages of this online store.

Book of Faces

In: Designer Tees

Jason Rudolph Pena incorporates portraiture into his design work to produce uber-trendy fashion t-shirts. “Sunday Social”, seen to the left is one of the many designs of this style that you will find at his online store, Book of Faces. Others titles include, Gloria, The Listener, Patchwork, Korea and more. Each design is offered in […]

I’m not a Plastic Girl

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From L.A. designer Kiki Klein comes this trendy “I’m not a plastic girl” design. Kiki, who in the past has worked for such great fashion companies as Kate Spade, Coach and Guess, is offering a limited number of designs available at a few select locations in Los Angeles and now via her online Cafepress Shop.

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