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Twilight the Movie Fan Apparel

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This movie is sure to be a hit with the teenage crowd and in celebration Cafepress has teamed up with the producers to allow shopkeepers to create unique fan apparel for this movie. Here are just a few of the designs available. Twilight the Movie Fan Apparel


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Here is a unique design. “Eviction From Earth” from BobEco. With the many warning signs pointing to the drastic effects of global warming, we should all be doing our part to save planet earth. Designs from this shop are meant to spread awareness to this problem.

Leave Britney Alone

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With a dismal performance at MTV’s video music awards, Britney Spears comeback was a bomb, not the bomb. The media coverage of the event upset one young fellow and I use the term “fellow” loosely. His filmed rant was uploaded to YouTube and the rest is internet history. If your the one person who hasn’t […]

Grim Reaper Filter Cigarettes

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Own a t-shirt that is part of history. After 50 years of hiding the health risks associated with smoking, the lies of big tobacco caught up with them. The CEO’s of the major tobacco companies sat before congress and testified that they didn’t believe that cigarette smoking or nicotine was addictive. Most Americans were not […]

If you haven’t seen Miss Teen U.S.A. South Carolina’s response to the question about why only a 5th of Americans can locate the U.S. on a map, you have to checkout this YouTube video. Even though it’s quite sad, you have to laugh and to commemorate the obvious decay in America’s education system, someone has […]

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