Ride Hard T-Shirt

19 Jan 2012 In: Cycling

Ride hard
The latest creation from the hard working folks at Poker Chaos is this  biking design labeled Ride Hard. Created with the extreme cyclist in mind, this t-shirt design is perfect for those who enjoy riding off road, performing stunts or any other types of riding where one likes to push the limits. This design features a mountain type bike jumping down a block of text that spells out “Ride Hard.

Check out the shop to get your “Ride Hard Tee”.

Smile Face Popcorn Tee

17 Jan 2012 In: Geek Tees

women's smilie face popcorn face dark t-shirtThis geek themed t-shirt is perfect for that event where you know drama is sure to pop up. Often seen used  in online forums, this gif image means drama is about to rear it’s ugly head.

By wearing your Smilie Face Popcorn shirt, everyone will know you’re not going to get involved, you’re perfectly content to set back and  watch the show.

This design is available on many more garment styles as well as other items like coffee cups, mouse pads and hats.

duct tape t-shirtUsed around the world duct tape is the fix all for just about anything. Tough as nails, flexible and water proof, this glossy gray adhesive backed creature on a roll is the DIY’s ultimate power tool. Is you husband or boyfriend constantly finding new uses for this marvel tool?  If so,  this design is for them.

Get this tee and other great apparel items at the Poker and Chaos T-shirt Shop

Cafepress Features Our Motherboard Tee

17 Feb 2011 In: Marketing

Thanks to Allison Gregley, Marketing Coordinator at Cafepress our Motherboard tee has been featured on the CP Blog and Facebook page.

Motherboard Heart T-shirt

Testing The Cafepress Product Widget

13 Feb 2011 In: Marketing
Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

I Slept with Tiger

11 Dec 2009 In: Designer Tees, Humor Tees

It appears that Tiger Woods has slept with half the women in the world. Are you are one of the many that has had an affair with the world famous golfer? Are you having a hard time getting an interview with Good Morning America or Larry King? You don’t have to feel left out. You can at least let those around you know of your tryst with a pin back button from our Etsy shop, or even better, you can spread the word with a fashionable shirt from our t-shirt shop. Many different apparel types for you to choose from.

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